This price guide will help you plan and budget for your commercial flooring project.  

How much do carpet tiles cost?

Carpet Tiles can vary substantially in price, depending on variants that include style/design, the castor rating, warranties and sustainability. We offer carpet tiles that start from around £12 per m², up to £35 per m².

Carpet tiles that are less than £15 per 

At the lower end of the price bracket, the carpet tiles offered include a small colour selection in a solid colour design. The tiles will not have a castor chair rating and will feel hard underfoot, making them an unpopular option for areas that people are likely to be walking on the floor without any footwear. The carpet tiles will begin to show wear and tear after nine months, depending on the amount of use it has seen over that timeframe.

Carpet tiles under castor chairs will begin to wear to a lighter colour, due to the pressure and weight applied. These types of carpet tiles are best for temporary flooring, for example flooring required for conferences or events. 

Mid-price range carpet tiles, from £15 per m² to £25 per m²

Carpet tiles in this price bracket provide a similar aesthetic to that of sheet carpet. Additionally, in this same price range are non-directional carpet tiles, which offer more flexibility and help to keep wastage down to a minimum. This makes it easier to seamlessly replace damaged tiles later, if necessary, without it being noticeable.

£15 per m² to £20 per m²

At this price point, you can buy heavy contract carpet tiles in a nice design that come with a castor chair rating (providing some element of protection against indentation), makes use of recycled materials and will look good for years to come. For offices where workers are likely to be sat in computer chairs at their workstations for up to eight hours a day, this is the price range you should begin to look at.

£20 per m² to £25 per m²

At £20 to £25 per m², you will get all the benefits of the £15 to £20 per  tile range but with additional comfort underfoot with a cushion backing and a choice of fantastic modern and traditional designs. This is ideal for anywhere that may see people walking on the floor without footwear (such as an educational setting like a school classroom). The cushioned backing will also help to reduce damage such as indentation, as the material will bounce back into shape due to the cushioned layer underneath.

Luxury carpet tiles - £25 per m² +

When you begin to look at the higher price range of carpet tiles, at £25+ per , you will find attractive and well-designed solutions that are comfortable and environmentally-friendly, featuring the highest quality recycled content. These are the tiles of choice for any space that is not only looking for a durable flooring solution but also a luxury one. In addition to exceeding its functional demands, luxury carpet tiles make a statement about your business, which is why many commercial spaces opt for higher-end products in areas where customers and/or associates are most likely to be such as reception areas, meeting spaces and conference rooms.

How do I find the right carpet tile?

Knowing where to begin when it comes to choosing the correct carpet tile can be difficult. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, with considerations such as budget, traffic and how long you want your carpet tiles to last. For example, if you let your commercial space and have ambitions of moving to new premises in the short to medium future, you will likely be better off shopping in the lower to medium price ranges.

However, if you are renovating premises that you are expecting to be in for a long period of time, with a high number of staff and visitors, it will be worth accommodating for luxury carpet tiles in your budget. Quite simply, the best carpet tile for you is dependent on your current situation, as well as your short-to-long term plans. Please give us a call on 0203 7587 276 if you would like some advice on how our clients mix and match colours, as well as the best ranges to create great designs within their offices.

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